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How to make your church building pay for itself









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Some of the largest and most beautiful buildings in the world are churches. But they are also the emptiest. Church reports show that in the UK, more than a quarter of churches have fewer than 20 worshippers on Sunday, while in rural areas the number has dropped to less than 10. In the United States, less than 20% of people go to church regularly . These staggering numbers are repeated across the globe. Any building needs maintenance, but a church—with its beautiful stained glass windows and hardwood pews—requires some kind of love and care.

This maintenance, along with other costs Dubai Phone Number such as heating and lighting, can add up quite a bit. If left alone these buildings can slowly start to decay and then shut down. It's time to intervene. This article has four key ideas designed to help you get the most out of your church building to best serve your congregation. 1. Give your church building another use Part of my job as a church management solutions provider is to discuss with churches what works, what doesn't, and what makes them successful. I learned from these conversations that the obvious answer was to steadily retrofit church buildings to host unsustainable local community events. It can be said to be the most adaptable survival. Although many people are not religious and do not use churches for religious purposes, 85% of the British public visit churches each year .

We think of them as museums, art galleries, concert halls and peaceful retreats. This diversification is already leading the way. Rather than closing down as shops or warehouses, many churches host various cultural meetings and events. Some churches have opened country stores, farmers markets, food banks, post offices and Wi-Fi cafes. They are making the most of precious resources and becoming an integral part of their surroundings. An empty room is a waste, but it can be a good use of local community and church finances. Also, allowing a third party to rent out your room can lead to many unreached people forming a relationship with the church.


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