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Position tracking: the tools used by five SEOs









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At AWE, we have made the choice of proximity and made in France . We have been working mainly with the Ile-de-France publisher offor 4 years to monitor and analyze our clients' positions. Myposeo is one of the rare tools that allows daily monitoring In addition, it synchronizes with Google Analytics, Search Console or Eulerian. The SEM audits and analysis offered by this publisher make it possible to carry out very comprehensive market studies to measure the visibility .

Nicolas Robineau, co-manager of the Studioclick publishing agency.  NR Nicolas Robineau (Studioclick): "Monitorank does the job, at ultra-aggressive prices" Today, to be honest, I hardly follow my positions. The changes are Denmark Phone Number less noticeable than before, and wasting my time on daily fluctuations  seems rather useless to me in 2015. My follow-up is more focused on my web analytics curve, which never lies. However, if I had to put my hands in it again, as site editors, I would definitely go to Monitorank, which offers "gift" prices.

If I was an agency that needed to present sexy reports, I would go to Myposeo. I think that to date, the work offered by Myposeo is indeed really very good. Their tool makes it possible to follow the positioning on Google News, on Google Maps , and the differences between desktop and mobile. In addition to having been pioneers in the creation of sexy webapps, they are always venturing into new territory. I fell in love with them from the start. Concerning Monitorank, the tool does the job, at ultra-aggressive prices, and adapted when the Lydia Arzour, SEO and Inbound Marketing Director at Netbooster.


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