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By using a tool to help manage your ongoing content operation, your audit will always be up to date. More important, it’s critical that your team develops the content planning muscles based on the directional data found in the audit and inventory. Going through the initial audit helps give an organization the awareness of where it is strong, or where it needs to deepen certain content areas. Putting the audit into action is a series of small but impactful steps that can be executed in a systematic way, based on the priorities set forth by the data.The biggest mistake, the root of all evil if you want, is not committing fully to the cause. There is not much glamour in doing content marketing – it is a slow, sometimes grueling process that can’t be forced but must gradually penetrate all pores of an organization. It requires a passionate team that won’t give up easily.

Will pick their battles wisely, and most importantly will work consistently day in day out for a long, long time. It’s amazing, but I still see companies that post for the sake of posting, with no specific goals in mind and no plan for the type of content they want to create. They’re unhappy with the lack of results, their teams are frustrated with the lack of direction, and they aren’t even France cell phone number sure what they’re trying to achieve. Be thoughtful and deliberate in your content creation. The battle against “short-termism” in content marketing is very real. So many marketers only care about here-and-now results rather than the long-term game … More often, we’re forever reminding our clients and team members to keep a collective eye on the ball. Sugar-rush results are tempting and temporary. Long-term results yield a greater return and snowball into lasting customer relationships.

It’s a big mistake when people (and businesses) look at social media purely as a means to advertise. I was part of a meeting when a company was figuring out if they should invest more time in Twitter. I will never forget these words from the managing director, “Will Twitter make the company an extra $150,000 per year?” Every channel has its own type of culture with an unwritten role of engagement and connection. The example I highlighted is not isolated, most brands go into channels to sell from them instead of digging deeper to become part of the culture. Not writing for the web is the worst I’ve seen. It’s having something great to share, but making it literally unreadable – no subheadings, long paragraphs, no charts, no images. It is extremely hard to make myself read it and not run away immediately. Sometimes I cannot help but run away.


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