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Ecclesiastes already said there is nothing









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The only man who can replace all the others is my old Henri whom I am going to watch and reread cover to cover and whom I will not let go of until his pictures stick to my fingers. When I look at CartierBresson I find myself bigger smarter and purer. Arriving at the top of one of his works he seems to me as if I were standing on a high mountain. Everything disappears and everything appears. One is no longer a photographer one is an eye. When clear models are chosen when we base ourselves on the classics as Isaac Newton stated one has the feeling of seeing further because one has obviously stood on the shoulders of giants.

The models the photographers that one e-commerce photo editing chooses to imitate and grow alongside them serve as a railing to climb the steep ladder of photography and ascend step by step with firmness towards the encounter of new dialogues and aesthetic possibilities. Seeing photographs creates a backbone that gives firmness and value. Don't be afraid to use copy or be influenced by the classics. You learn from models that are imitated. Picasso said that he was not afraid of copying anyone his only fear was of copying himself.

It is funny to see how some critics seek to demerit the work of great photographers by accusing them of being based on other authors. We are not in the earthly paradise and as Qohelet or the preacher of new under the sun. Nothing comes from a vacuum and few things can be as questioned as those that are called original. Original as the word indicates points to an origin. The photographer's imagination is in his ability to relate disciplines themes and stories that had not been related before.


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