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Before downloading the file check out some helpful information about digital brushes and basic actions for working in Procreate. What are digital brushes for All digital image editing programs intended for illustrators try to mimic the use of physical media through various brushes and ink effects. Many include digitally designed brushes to represent traditional styles like oil acrylic pastel charcoal pens and even mediums like airbrushing. These brushes are one of the main resources to customize our work since they allow us to use human variables such as the pressure of our digital tablet to create different effects.

In general the higher the pressure the more intense the filling and brushing effect will be. Also in most digital painting programs users can create their own brush style using various combinations of textures and shapes. between photo background removing traditional and digital painting and to give our creations a signature a personality of their own. Download 3 free brushes to illustrate in Procreate 3 Digital image editing programs aimed at illustrators try to mimic the use of physical media.

The importance of digital tools Thanks to digital brushes digital painting is presented as a genre with its own weight whose resources have been incorporated by most image professionals. Today we can say that digital illustration is mainstream  but not long ago it was something that few artists used in their work. But how did they begin to use computers to draw and illustrate The first who dared to do so were not only artists but also engineers and scientists. One of them was Michael Noll who in 1962 used computers to create images using patterns and mathematical algorithms.


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