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Currently, the Term Font Denotes a Set of Fonts With a Distinctive









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A serif font, consisting of various types of transverse or diagonal endings of given characters, is clearer and clearer than in the case of sans-serif fonts. Serif endings are very delicate, which makes the serif font ideal for use in all kinds of paper publishing. In the case of electronic publishing, sans-serif fonts, those without character endings, work much better. An emoticon is an ideogram that consists of text characters (most often punctuation - dots, dashes,  The emoticon represents a specific human mood, it can be used by all Internet users. Usually the emoticon takes the form of a characteristic grimace. Most computer programs automatically assign an emoticon to its graphic counterpart. The first emoticons represented emotions. Nowadays, the importance of emoticons is growing. They are used to express activities and objects.

The emergence of emoticons dates back to 1881. The first smiley emoticon, consisting of a colon, a dash, and a right bracket, was presented in September 1982 by Professor Scott Fahlman image manipulation service of Carnegie Mellon University. Classic emoticons are made up of a colon, a hyphen, an equal sign, a bracket symbol, the letter "x", a break sign, and a semicolon. A lot of emoticons have two forms: with or without a nose, Manga emoticons are also popular, with emphasis being an important element. Mango emoticons are read without flipping them 90 degrees, unlike traditional emoticons. A font is a type of carrier of individual characters of printed writing, widely used in the relief printing technique. Currently, printing fonts have been replaced with fonts used in popular text editors. The term font is often used interchangeably with respect to a font.

A font is, in turn, a set of fonts with specific features, saved in one file. Initially, the individual fonts corresponded to a single character of a certain size. Identical sized fonts formed one set.  typeface (such as Calibri) and style (bold, italic,  The history of the font dates back to the 11th century, when Bi Shenga developed it in the Far East. The font came to Europe in the 15th century. Traditional fonts have not been used since the 1990s due to their displacement by computer fonts and DTP systems, also known as computer preparation for printing. Traditional fonts are still used today, especially in all kinds of occasional prints,diplomas, etc. Material design April 5, 2016 Dictionary Material design is a relatively new style that is becoming more and more popular among application developers and Internet users around the world. Material design was created by the American company Google Inc., the owner of the Google search engine.


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