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I was very focused on following my line and responding well









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Because of how the agendas are marked in the big media I dont usually have the opportunity to include that parity and diversity in my portfolio so whenever I have the opportunity to do so I do it on my networks. How do you deal with the typical ideological disagreements of the work of an illustrator of a great medium Selecting is a luxury. If you work and eat from this you cant always expect to match everything. Sometimes I ask what the tone is going to be and I can figure it out but I have been lucky that until now I have worked more than anything with characters from sports and culture whom I really enjoy drawing because they allow me to explore other dynamics and evolve in my work.

They dont usually bring me big moral dilemmas. Carlos Rodríguez Casado the illustrator who sweeps the editorial covers 13 Madonna by Carlo Rodriguez Casado. Can you express what you think towards a character through your illustration If I dont like the character its inevitable that something will be noticed. But I dont even do it on purpose I think that comes unconsciously and if photo background removing you know how to look you can see it. Do you feel pressure when you have to illustrate to people who you know will see what youre doing like when you did the illustration of King Felipe VI.

That job was crazy because it was a cover a back cover and three double pages. In three or four days in those three double pages I made his head his trunk legs feet I was putting it together almost lifesize and I had to put the pieces on the bed while I was doing it because they no longer fit on the table. I wasnt nervous about the character itself. to the assignment. It was a challenging job but it makes me feel like they send me something else laughs. Carlos Rodríguez Casado the illustrator who sweeps the editorial covers 16 By King Felipe by Carlos Rodríguez Casado.


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