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Homepage Design Ideas 25 Examples and Inspiration









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Awebsite’s homepage is a first impression, and a great homepage design should make it one to remember. More and more often these days, a visitor’s first interaction with a brand is through their website, and according to survey data, 75% of users judge a website’s credibility on its design. Illustration of a designer working on a homepage] Design by OrangeCrush The homepage has a lot to accomplish and a short amount of time to do it (about 0.05 seconds before the viewer forms an impression, to be exact). From summarizing the business or service to generating leads and providing seamless navigation, the homepage design must also set the tone for the rest of the site to follow.

All of this can make homepage design an exciting yet challenging opportunity. With that mind, let’s take a look at some homepage designs done well. What makes a good homepage design? — For a homepage design to be considered good, it has to be more than just pretty (though that is certainly a factor). A homepage design must be effective, which means it must accomplish background remove service business goals. So let’s start by asking, what is the intended purpose of a homepage? First of all, a homepage is an introduction. It is often the first encounter a viewer will have with a business and a brand. This means that copy must effectively communicate what the business is all about and the design must give a visual and emotional impression of the brand, using design elements such as a color scheme, font choice and imagery.

This also means that in order to get a good homepage design, you must already have your brand identity established. A web designer will channel that identity into the homepage design, but you will need a logo or brand designer to create it in the first place. Homepage web design for bedding product Homepage design by Alshimaa Mou An effective introduction must convey information in a clear and concise manner. While a copywriter or marketer will be in charge of the actual words on a homepage, the designer must make the information visually appealing and easy to scan. This entails understanding effective alignment, spacing and visual hierarchy. You’ll also want to make sure you brush up on common website layouts and composition principles.


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