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3 Ways to Use LinkedIn Site Demographics to Improve Your Ad Performance









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Anytime you can get more insights about your target audience on your advertising platform, that's a good thing. There's never been a lot of information for such a thing. As far as I know, one of the best insight tools out there is underutilized. LinkedIn website demographics. This feature in LinkedIn Campaign Manager allows you to view ad traffic broken down by profile targeting parameters such as job function or company size. The tool unlocks valuable information that can be used to build better campaigns, improve existing ones, and get the most out of your budget. Yet as I mentioned, it's barely discussed.

Today's post will be my attempt to remedy this a bit and help you get better performance from your LinkedIn activity. From our LinkedIn Advertising Guidelines In particular, I'll outline three things you can Customer Phone Numbers Data do with data from LinkedIn's Website Demographics tool to optimize the performance of your marketing campaigns: Understand, segment and create better audiences. Identify the top-performing audience segments to focus on. Optimize existing LinkedIn ad campaigns. Use LinkedIn Site Demographics to Determine Your Ideal Audience While we all feel like we know our target audience very well, it's important to understand how the platform perceives them.

We might think of someone as having specific qualifications or a specific job function, but LinkedIn can see it differently. Therefore, it's important to see how your audience is distributed in the eyes of LinkedIn so you can structure your lead generation campaigns accordingly. To find this data, go to LinkedIn Campaign Manager, in the dark blue upper part of the top navigation, you will find a link to the Site Demographics section of the interface. Here, you'll see user information from your website, but broken down by LinkedIn targeting options. So let's go through this feature to outline all the things we can do with it. View website visitors by job function LinkedIn Site Demographics shows the percentage of page views on your site broken down by job function. Are your sales team members most interested in your ad? Or, you might attract more business developers. Knowing the job function of your audience, you can cater to your ad copy and messaging for better results.


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