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Theater director Tomer Areca remembers









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In those years he also met Anna Fárová. Josef made his first exhibition which consisted not so much in a search for contents and contexts as in a search for unusual forms and compositions often accentuated by a particular angle of vision… he had an exceptional expressive force an original vision close to graphics modern with an inventiveness and freshness in the unusual way. Prague  From these early moments Koudelka demonstrated an unusual expressive power a vision incorporated into modern graphic methods and a remarkable freshness and invention of form.   

Between and he experimented with form in a more e-commerce photo editing pronounced way. Pierre Soulage refers that There is a period in which the violence of the shallow contrasts between black and white and seeks the essential leaves the refined grays and all preciousness aside. This occurs when the elemental is chosen to achieve maximum dramatic presence. Then the young engineer makes a crucial decision I could have had a more formal life as an engineer but I realized that I didnt want to die of boredom at the age of. What I wanted to know about this profession I already knew so I took a camera with the instinct of someone who knows that he will never stop learning.

Theater In the first five years of the s Koudelka found in the theater a fascinating subject for his photographic pursuits. Theater behind the door  that his colleague Karel Kraus told him about an interesting photographer whose only condition was that he be allowed to take pictures from wherever he wanted even on stage between the actors in the middle of the scene.  He broke the fourth wall and in the dress rehearsal before the premiere he captured all aspects of the show with his camera. From the gestures of the first actors to the movements of the stagehands.


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