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Divided into several parts. If the content must be read quickly, it is also a question related to the places where the content will be consumed, which will induce the hours of sharing (see below). rédiger des courts articles en seo As you certainly know and it is also easy to see, it is in transport that we find the majority of users, their noses immersed in their mobile. The duration of a journey is therefore a criterion involving the choice of short content. Secondly, the format of a mobile screen remains quite small, even if the resolutions are very high and a good number of telephones offer a diagonal of 7 inches.
The reading space remains quite small. The text should remain legible and not appear in tiny print. Finally, we generally avoid anything that can harm the user experience in terms of reading ,namely that we must avoid advertisements and all the superfluous that would hinder reading . It is Country Email List possible to configure these points on a site and the best way will be to use a plugin like AMP, to focus on the content displayed on the screen. Short videos Video is also a good way to capture a mobile audience, because here too the content can be quite short.

And quickly consumed during transport in particular. The length of the videos will depend on the subjects covered, but 20/30 minutes max will be reasonable , for captivating news subjects for example. It is essential to also use dedicated social networks for short formats such as Instagram and TikTok. However , the TikTok algorithm like that of Instagram will not necessarily put you forward to emerge among the floods of content shared every day.Why not create a YouTube channel from which to broadcast your video content , unless you already have one. One of the advantages of YouTube is to be .


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