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How to Go in the Era of Interactive Advertising 2.0?









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Entering the second half of 2018, interactive performance ads can no longer be called "new things". It is not difficult to find: starting from the third quarter, most advertisers have put considerable budgets into interactive ads with higher click-through rates. However, compared with the "advertising overlord", information flow advertisements and interactive advertisements are in a period of traffic dividends, and the number of players is gradually increasing, but the bidding is not sufficient. Also for the media, interactive advertising is still a "semi-finished product". While maintaining the balance of fragmented traffic integration, advertising revenue and user experience, there is still a lack of more refined operations.

Just when advertisers and media are still "rebellious", users are "accustomed to it" first. Once labeled as "routine", the value of interactive advertising to users will gradually shrink. Therefore, for the advertising platform, shifting the focus of the operation strategy to the equity and scene-based design of the media, and placing the improvement of the user Phone Number List experience in the most important design criteria will be the era of interactive advertising 2.0. The best way to challenge. User equity - are your prizes really attractive enough? The core of interactive advertising is to allow users to obtain tangible benefits (prizes) , thereby motivating them to click on advertisements, thereby forming further registrations, downloads or purchases.

Therefore, users' attention to rights and interests directly affects their willingness to click. But looking at the entire interactive advertising market now, most advertising platforms rarely design rights from the perspective of users, but put what advertisers have prepared on the "turntable". Special review and value presentation design must be carried out for prizes on interactive ads. Better prizes tend to generate more user participation, better advertising effects, and advertisers are willing to come up with better prizes, and the user experience is further improved.


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