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As every story and character begins with a sketch









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In them you can learn with professionals who will show you their different ways of working to discover a wide range of ways of approaching creation. Illustrator Teresa Martínez shares her favorite brushes for digital sketching in Photoshop for free for a limited time Teresa Martínez  teresamtz  is an illustrator specializing in childrens and youth publications and her work has been reflected in titles such as Las sardinas fly at night  Swan Lake  Fantastic Body and Fábulas Mexicanas.

She believes that in illustrated literature creating a memorable character goes beyond making pretty strokes and to achieve this requires enough curiosity to delve into her life and great skill to transfer that curiosity to paper. Teresa shares with Domestika her favorite Photoshop brushes for sketching  so that you too can create new narratives and great characters digitally. Download a free photo background removing Photoshop sketch brush pack  Teresa Martinez With the arrival of great ideas which are reflected in the first strokes of your drafts it is important to have brushes that help you in your work.

Not without first taking into account some advice that Teresa Martínez gives you to improve your sketches The most important exercise to start with is observation try to find shapes in everyday objects and try to give them another interpretation based on their outline. Make it a daily exercise its not about making a perfect drawing but about capturing the action in a few lines and do it loosely. This will stay in your mental image bank which you can use later when you are working formally. In addition it helps you to take notes of details features and shapes that you can use later on your characters.


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