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Strictly text Logo design by nevergohungry









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It is he who will make a good impression (or not) on your customers. It will be at the center of all your communications for many years to come. Investing in a beautiful and effective company logo is therefore worth it. Collection of company logos for small businesses Every business needs a great logo, no matter the size Ready to find out how you can stand out from your competitors? In this article, we'll walk you through the main things to consider and show you some of the best business logos out there to help inspire you. 5 Steps to Create the Perfect Business Logo — To help you stay organized, follow these steps during the process of creating your business logo Define your brand and brand identity.

Choose a type of logo Choose a logo style Determine photo retouching service the appearance of your brand colors , shapes , images and fonts Create your logo using the visual elements you have chosen To give you an idea of ​​​​the different types and styles of logos that exist and to choose from, we have summarized them for you below. A quick guide to the different types of logos for businesses — There are seven different types of logos. Knowing them and understanding their specific benefits is a great starting point. Mascot logos are, unsurprisingly , logos containing a mascot. The logos of Wendy's and Michelin are good examples of this in both cases, the focal point of the logo is a friendly and welcoming character.

For family-oriented or entertainment-oriented brands (sports teams, for example), and for brands that interact a lot with their audience in a public way, having a mascot is essential, because the mascot of a logo becomes the public face. of the company in question. small business logo with chef mascot Logo design by bayuRIP small business logo with pig mascot Logo design by Freshinnet Wordmarks are words that have been turned into logos. The logos of Google, MasterCard and eBay are famous examples of such company logos . Wordmarks can help make your business name instantly recognizable. It is therefore an excellent choice for companies that have a unique and catchy name. orange, white and black logo of Openly business logo design Logo design by bo_rad Monograms are similar to wordmarks.


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